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Ashton from Virginia



from Virginia

Ashton is extremely active and very energetic. He is naturally athletic and likes to be outside. Ashton loves sports, especially football, and is a big fan of the Pittsburg Steelers. He is a friendly, silly teenager with a great sense of humor. Words cannot describe how goofy Ashton can be. He enjoys life to the fullest and loves making people laugh. He enjoys a variety of music and can rock out to Michael Jackson and Metallica, all the same. You are bound to win him over with a strawberry milkshake.

Ashton is doing well in his current placement and continues to process the "good and bad" of adoption. He is seeking a family who can match his energy level and provide opportunities for new experiences. Ashton will do best in a two-parent home with parents who can provide continuous attention and consistent redirection. He would benefit from being the youngest child in the family. Ashton is an enjoyable, bright young man who is very hopeful about his future.

Ashton has three siblings who are very important to him. His forever family will need to support his wishes to maintain these connections.