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Atrayu from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Atrau, a lovable, athletic, motivated teen born in 2003. Atrau likes to shop and dress nicely. He wrestles, plays lacrosse, and is extremely athletic. He likes to go to the gym and working out. Atrau is very smart and has a lot of potential. He has aspirations to be in a helping profession like nursing, personal training, or massage therapy upon graduating from high school. Like most other teenage boys he can eat a lot and really enjoys cooking. Atrau would do well in a home that provides structure, rules and consistency and will support him regarding his interests. Atrau is very personable and gets along with everyone he meets. He wants to get a part time job. He has his learners and is in the process of getting signed up for behind the wheel so he can get his driver’s license. Are you the forever family that can love and support this amazing young man?
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