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Autumn from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Autumn a very outgoing and spirited adolescent born in 2004. Her amazing strong-willed personality will get her far in life as she has a tremendous desire to reach her full potential. Autumn has the ability to excel academically and when encouraged does extremely well. Autumn is an artistic child who likes to dance, draw, color, and create her own music. Like most teenagers, Autumn is at her best in the moments where she can be creative and expressive. Autumn interacts well with younger children and is a great support and so loving to them. Autumn enjoys spending time with her friends and enjoys most social settings. Autumn makes friends easily and can find herself being a great friend to others. She enjoys normal teenage socialization such as: FaceBook, Instagram, and SnapChat. With a wonderful forever family guiding this sweet teen into adulthood Autumn will do amazingly well. Do not hesitate to bring Autumn to your forever home.
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