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Breyonna from Virginia



from Virginia

Breyonna’s number one love is reading. In her spare time, Breyonna enjoys visiting bookstores and libraries in search of novels with jaw dropping plots. Breyonna also enjoys writing, which she uses as a therapeutic release. Her favorite types of stories to write are fan fictions. She also illustrates her witty and engaging attitude by writing puns for her school’s newspaper club. Breyonna’s talent in writing showcases her creative and engaging personality. Another activity she enjoys is crafting. Breyonna can take a few simple items and turn them into a creative display for others. She excels in school and is consistently on the honor roll. She plays the bass drum in the school band and occasionally volunteers her time as a library aid. Her resilient, inquisitive, and affectionate attributes make up a personality that’s one in a million. She is very polite and quiet, but once she becomes comfortable her witty personality begins to shine bright.
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