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Brien from Virginia



from Virginia

Kayla, the oldest of this sibling group, is very outgoing and talkative. She enjoys dancing and learning new cheerleading moves. Kayla is actively involved in her local church and dances with the praise team when she gets the opportunity. She loves music and enjoys singing.

Kayla is very driven and motivated to make the cheer team. She enjoys being around all types of animals and is very nurturing. Kayla enjoys outdoor activities. She would thrive in a family environment that encourages her unique spirit. Kayla would benefit from a family that supports her academically and helps to foster positive social relationships with peers. Kayla would love to be placed in a forever home with her brothers Brien and Austynn.

Brien, enjoys playing outside and loves being in nature. He is very caring and sweet. Brien is enjoyable to be around. He loves animals and is very curious. Brien connects well with children slightly below his age level. He loves being social and is generally a happy child.

Brien shows an interest in team sports such as football but would also enjoy riding his bike or playing video games. He would thrive in a family that encourages him academically. Brien desires to live in a rural setting where he can play outside.