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Caleb from Virginia



from Virginia

Caleb, male born in 2004, and Cara female born in 2008, are an amazing lovable pair. Both Cara and Caleb report that they would like to love to live in the country with lots of animals. Cara loves pets and Caleb enjoys working on farms with the animals. Both children also enjoy attending church. Cara enjoys reading and math and hopes to be a teacher when she grows up. Caleb aspires to be an astronaut. Cara enjoys coloring, drawing, and painting and would like to learn how to make donuts one day. Caleb is very friendly and enjoys outdoor activities like riding his bike and going swimming. Both children would like to have their own pets one day. Cara says that she really loves her brother and that he takes care of her. She loves to play Legos with him. Do not hesitate to bring these adorably siblings to your forever home!
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