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Carlos from Virginia



from Virginia

Carlos prefers to go by DeWayne. Upon meeting DeWayne, you'll find he is likeable, sweet, and kind. His potential is obvious right away. Dewayne is driven to create a future for himself and his future family. He has a big heart and plenty of love to give to a potential family. DeWayne is a tenacious young man with a playful sense of humor. He enjoys joking around with all of the people in his life and it is easy to become invested in him after meeting him. Much like any teenager his age he enjoys being social and does well making friends within his peer group. Music and social media are favorite outlets for DeWayne. He is a good conversationalist who desires to be accepted and loved. He dresses neatly and likes to impress the people around him. He enjoys going into the community and trying different foods. DeWayne is a strong-willed young man who desires to have the loving family he deserves.