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Carolyn from Virginia



from Virginia

Carolyn, the oldest of the four siblings is a very bright, observant child that enjoys arts and crafts. She is creative and gifted in the areas of dance and performing. Carolyn enjoys spending time with her sisters but can also entertain herself with toys and play pretend. She does her best with individual assignments and is working towards improving her ability to work in groups.

Carolyn enjoys attention and her personality is very strong. She can be very talkative in the classroom but can be easily redirected. She looks out for her younger sisters and does a good job showing care and concern for them.

Anthony prefers to be called by her middle name, Krystal. Krystal is a very sweet, friendly, caring child. She is more introverted when compared to her sisters. Krystal enjoys playing alone and is an excellent reader. She enjoys school and gets along very well with her peers. Krystal behaves very well in the classroom and has several friends.

Krystal enjoys playing dress up and is known as a girly girl. However, she does have an athletic build and would like to participate in sports next school year. Krystal is sensitive and more emotional when compared to her sisters. She can be cheered up with play time and talking. Krystal is very helpful in the foster home and enjoys doing her chores and helping out around the house. She enjoys attention and approval; and, has many positive characteristics that get her just that!

Sha-lynn is a very observant young girl. She has an exceptional memory and can tell stories about past experiences and/or conversations as if it just happened yesterday. Sha-lynn is the most nurturing sister of her siblings. She enjoys helping classmates as well as her sisters and friends with any given task. Sha-lynn is respectful and enjoys one-on-one attention. She can make and maintain friends easily and is good at sharing. Sha-lynn enjoys snuggling.

Shannon is the youngest of the four siblings and can be very feisty. She is a happy child with a lot of energy. Shannon loves to laugh and have a good time. She enjoys playing with her sisters and making jokes. Shannon is very athletic and can run extremely fast. She is athletic and can pick up on new skills fairly quickly. Shannon keeps up with her older sisters. She is cooperative and enjoys pleasing her foster parents. Shannon helps with chores and loves to be praised.