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Cash from Virginia



from Virginia

Cash is a very energetic and curious child who enjoys being around others. He loves being outdoors and going on bike rides to the park. Cash is a great storyteller and likes to make people laugh by telling jokes and being silly. Due to his love of learning Cash does well in school. Math is his favorite subject. Cash enjoys being social and spending time building positive interactions with peers in his community. He has loved being able to participate in summer camps and going on trips to the beach. Elsya, goes by her middle name, Jade. She is sweet girl who is quite active and loves to play outdoors, especially on swings and the trampoline. Jade enjoys going to the park with her siblings where she is able to stimulate her senses. Some of her favorite activities include riding her bike, coloring, and putting together puzzles. Jade has made significant progress in her speech as she has been heard saying complete sentences. Jade's school teachers describe her as a pleasure to have in class as she loves learning and reading books.