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Christopher from Virginia



from Virginia

Chris is a bright, funny, and very polite young man. He enjoys playing as well as watching basketball. His favorite team is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Chris enjoys being outside hiking, canoeing, and fishing. He enjoys watching all types of movies. He enjoys video games, as well. Chris also enjoys playing and watching football. His favorite professional football team is the Dallas Cowboys. Chris does not enjoy playing or watching baseball, however.

Chris is not a fan of school, generally, but likes most of his classes except math.

Chris is unsettled about what he would like to do when he is grown, but knows he wants to complete his high school education and perhaps go beyond that. He believes that there will be plenty of technical jobs and thinks maybe that would be an avenue he could pursue. He is open to travelling, but would like to settle in the Tidewater area of Virginia, if possible.

Chris enjoys most holidays, with not a lot of preference for one over the other. He enjoys summer because he enjoys being outdoors. Chris is not a fan of household chores, but states he enjoys having clean clothes and has come to like doing the laundry a bit.

He is an equal opportunity food fan. Although if pressed, he will admit that he loves pizzas.