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Christopher from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Christopher. He is a loving, energetic 10-year-old. He enjoys video games, the trampoline and four wheelers. Christopher loves school. He is a fourth grader, in an alternative school setting. He loves school and loves to learn. Sometimes school can be hard for him and he does require some extra assistance. Christopher is slow to trust and needs a family that will give him time to feel comfortable. Christopher needs to be occupied and busy, due to the amount of energy he has. Christopher loves being outdoors; a home with a lot of outdoor space would be great for him. His foster mom describes him as a sweet child that loves to seek out attention from the adults around him. He gets along well with other children but he would ideally like to be the only child in a family. Christopher can be a hand full and needs someone who can accommodate his special needs. He thrives in a structured environment. Christopher’s greatest wish is to be adopted, he wants a mom, dad and home he can call his own. Could you be Christopher’s forever family?
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