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Colton from Virginia



from Virginia

Colton is a sweet, freckle-faced 7 year old boy who loves playing with Legos, hot wheels, and video games. He also enjoys spending time outside and riding his bike, as well as practicing karate. Colton is an animal lover; he is great with pets and he loves horseback riding. He spent some time on a horse farm and learned how to feed and take care of the horses. His favorite food is pizza, but he will eat his veggies if they are dipped in ranch dressing. Colton has a lot of energy, so he would thrive in a home with a family who can match his enthusiasm and on-the-go attitude. Colton is also a big brother to his 3 year old sister. His sister is in a different foster home, but they see each other often and they are very much a part of each other's lives. Colton is in the 2nd grade, and he does well in school. His teachers have always spoken highly of him. Colton is kindhearted and has an infectious smile that he freely shares with those around him.
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