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Cordell from Virginia



from Virginia

Cordell is a multi-talented, creative, and intelligent young individual who is very inspired by things he can create on his own. Cordell is not only driven by his ability to create his own action figures but his ability to educate others about their “super-powers.” He is very loving and shows his concern for others on a daily basis. Cordell is optimistic and makes great effort to strive for greatness in all that he does. Cordell enjoys arts and crafts and engaging in those activities with his peers and staff members. He has good social skills and presents appropriately when interacting with his peers. Cordell engages with his peers more freely when they share a similar interest. For example, Cordell will engage in dialogue with his peers who also enjoys watching his two favorite television shows; SpongeBob and The Loud House. Cordell also enjoys playing video games. His favorite video game is Sonic the Hedgehog. However, he will play almost any game that consists of action and suspense. Cordell enjoys spending time with his sisters. He loves having the opportunity to inform them of any new and exciting news. Cordell is happy to share that information with them as often as he can. He also loves to visit theme parks and attend informative events where he can learn something new.
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