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Courtney from Virginia



from Virginia

Courtney is a bright, charismatic young adult who enjoys listening to music and spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. She loves to spend time in her room or in a quiet place where she can journal to process her thoughts and feelings about her day. Courtney expresses gratitude in the way she handles herself and her ability to make friends easily. She would agree that maintaining relationships is her strong suit and she is very dependable. Courtney's favorite genre of music is rap; she particularly enjoys listening to Eminem. She is looking forward to finishing high school and going to the military following her graduation. Courtney expresses that she wishes to pursue nursing while in the military and is overly ambitious and eager to begin her career and be successful. She enjoys making others smile and feel welcomed and would be able to do so in the nursing field. She is interested in healing the sick and making a difference in the world while also enjoying the profession she works in. Do not hesitate to make this beautiful determined young lady a part of your forever home.
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