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Craig from Virginia



from Virginia

Craig "CJ" is 17 years old and aspires to attend Texas A&M University. He is naturally gifted at school and is interested in learning more about psychology and social work. CJ excels at most things he tries; he has recently taken up skateboarding and cooking. CJ shared that one of his favorite things to make for others is tomato soup with grilled cheese. CJ enjoys playing video games with friends, learning new musical instruments, and creating his own music with a DJ controller. He enjoys most music genres and will sing along heartily in the car. CJ shared that an activity he would like to explore more is the sport of running. In the past, when he has run for exercise, he felt it cleared his head and allowed him to feel more relaxed throughout the day. CJ would benefit from a family who is ready to support him into young adulthood and develop his independent living skills. CJ desires a forever family - someone who he can return to for holidays and life events through adulthood. While he is excited for adulthood, he also recognizes he needs a family who can support him and celebrate his life achievements. CJ looks forward to life events in young adulthood such as graduating high school, getting a driver's license, applying to and graduating from college. He recognizes he wants to experience and celebrate those moments with a supportive family at his side. CJ would benefit from a family who can offer consistent support in making positive choices into young adulthood and provide positive encouragement along the way.
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