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Dallson from Virginia



from Virginia

Dallson likes to go by "Evan". Evan is very intelligent and looks forward to his math classes. He knows all about dinosaurs and space and can read and spell well. He loves playing outside, riding his bike, and playing soccer, and wresting. He hopes to be on the soccer team at his school this year. His favorite color is green. Evan likes to eat pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches, which he knows how to make. His favorite dessert is ice-cream with chocolate syrup. Superman and Batman are two of his favorite superheroes. Evan is affectionate and is able to empathize with the feelings of others. He has a beautiful smile and loves to make people laugh. He participated in summer camp this year and was a big help with the other children. While at camp he enjoyed hiking and participating in the scavenger hunt. Evan is excited about being adopted.
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