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Damon from Virginia



from Virginia

Damon is an amazingly talented young man; born in 2003, has a fun loving personality, and really enjoys life. Damon loves school and is always involved in extracurricular activities such as football, wrestling, and track. Damon is an excellent student and has maintained honor roll, all while being involved in so many activities. Damon is a strong advocate for himself and is always working at accomplishing his goals. Damon sees himself in college once he graduates high school and would love to play college football; with hard work and determination he knows he can achieve his dreams. Damon enjoys shopping especially shoe shopping. Damon feels a strong sense of family and loves being connected to a family dynamic. Damon is definitely a people person and easily makes friends everywhere he goes. Damon keeps himself very active and busy; he adapts very well to change. Damon is longing for a loving forever family.
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