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David from Virginia



from Virginia

David is energetic and loves to both play and watch basketball and football. He also likes reading books, especially the Warrior Book Series. He enjoys adult coloring books, playing the drums, bike riding, going for walks, running for exercise, and dining out. David has an open mind and would like to travel, and listens to all different types of music. He likes to bake brownies and hopes to expand his cooking repertoire. At school David most enjoys studying Math and History. He intends to pursue higher education after high school, though he hasn’t yet settled on what course of study most appeals to him. Cassandra prefers to be called Cassie. She attends church regularly and also likes to participate in family activities. She enjoys listening to music, socializing with others, drawing, shopping, going out to eat, playing basketball, crocheting, running, going to the zoo, and bowling. Cassie participates on her school track team, and maintains the grades required to do so. Art is her favorite school subject. Her future aspirations are to become an artist or a tattoo stylist. She makes friends easily and has been invited to events with friends, such as birthday parties and bonfires. Cassie is also interested in learning to prepare meals.
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