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Destiny from Virginia



from Virginia

Destiny is a very bright young lady. She does very well academically and takes some advanced classes. She has aspirations of becoming a nurse. She previously was in the marching band and was very proud of her accomplishments there. She likes to read and seems to have an interest in a variety of topics. She has a very artistic side and likes to draw, color and paint. When surrounded by art and craft supplies she described it as "being in heaven". She loves photography, particularly taking pictures of sunsets and other things in nature. When it comes to music she isn’t afraid to sing along! Destiny has a very strong sense of justice and fairness, and advocates for others whom she feels have been mistreated. She also has a very strong sense of loyalty to those she loves. She does very well with younger children, particularly toddlers, and likes to help take care of them and keep them entertained.
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