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Emily from Virginia



from Virginia

Emilee is a young adult looking for a potential forever home that can best meet her overall well-being needs. Emilee is a caring and generous individual. Emilee sets high goals for herself and has been able to achieve many of them with wonderful determination. Emilee is interested in the medical field as a career option and is interested in beginning this path even before she graduates high school. Emilee loves arts and crafts and reading novels. Friends and family of Emilee would describe her as funny, charismatic and easy to get along with. Emilee has the ability to adapt to her surroundings and easily transition to new routines. Emilee enjoys the outdoors such as hunting and fishing in addition to time on the water. Emilee has a supportive network such as her aunt and grandmother. Emilee likes to be active and on the move. Could you be Emilee’s forever family?
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