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Emmanuel from Virginia



from Virginia

Emmanuel is an outgoing and likeable young man. He is athletically inclined so his favorite hobbies include playing, watching, and discussing sports. Wrestling, track, field, and especially football are all sports he enjoys. His favorite team to root for is the New York Giants. He is great with kids and younger children, he shows a big brother mentality and is often looking out for the underdog. Being genuine and honest are very important ideals to Emmanuel, for example holding people accountable for their actions, and taking responsibility of his own. He is straight-forward in his thinking and actions. Emmanuel is a natural conversationalist; he enjoys discussion and speaking about familiar topics, but he embraces venturing into unfamiliar topics because he sees it as an opportunity to learn something new. His inquisitive nature has led him to express interest in expanding his knowledge of religion by educating himself on different faiths and their similarities and differences. Emmanuel is focused on making the most of his future. He is open to exploring his options but currently has a strong will to either attend college or join a branch of the military.