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Ethan from Virginia



from Virginia

Ethan enjoys a lot of activities such as socializing with others, making friends, doing art crafts, listening to music, and his favorite of all is video games. Ethan really enjoys video games as well as computers. Ethan is very skilled with technology and can use any device he comes across with ease. At school, Ethan does best when school activities are somehow related to computers. For example, Ethan prefers doing assignments and activities via computer or some other electronic device if possible. Ethan is very knowledgeable about the history of video games and other technology. In the past Ethan has actively participated in church and has gone to church related activities. If given the option, Ethan would love to take a lazy day at home and just relax all day. Ethan does not have any issues letting others know if something bothers him. Ethan is very sensitive and loves to receive physical affection whether it is through hugs or a pat on the back. Ethan needs a very loving family, but also one that is structured and will keep him on task. Ethan prefers to have someone help him with homework after school for when he has questions and needs redirection to stay on task. Ethan is hardworking and will thrive with a well-matched family.