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Ethan from Virginia



from Virginia

Ethan can be described as a sweet and shy young man, but also loves a lot of attention. He is a very active child who enjoys the use of all things technology. He enjoys playing soccer, football, kick ball, basketball, and ice-hockey. He recently started taking taekwondo and has found enjoyment in playing Beyblades. Ethan draws and creates art doodles. Ethan excels in math and enjoys social studies. Ethan’s favorite food is pizza and if you let him, he would eat it every day. Ethan would do well in a family that can provide him support, love, and structure. He would do well in a home where he is the only or the youngest child. Ethan has a connection with one of his grandfather who has been involved in Ethan’s life and Ethan would like to maintain this connection as the two are close. Ethan wants a forever family that will love him unconditionally and forever.
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