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Ethan from Virginia



from Virginia

Ethan is an active, sweet young boy who loves to be on the go! Ethan is quick to adjust to his surroundings and make new friends wherever he is. He has friends of all ages as most people love his personality. He is described as a sweet and thoughtful boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is not afraid of trying new things and has several interests that range from video games to sports! At the moment, he is enjoying riding his bike and swimming. He is very helpful with various things and wants to be a good helper to his foster parents and adults around him. He also likes helping the children around him as well. He is open about his feelings and emotions and receptive to when people help him. He enjoys school and does well academically. He is a very curious little boy and enjoys figuring out how things work. He gets along fairly well with other children his age. Ethan is eager to have a forever home with parents who love him for who he is. He wants a family to call his own and somewhere he can feel at home.
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