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Forrest from Virginia



from Virginia

Forrest is a charming, likeable, and active young adult. Forrest is has a strong sense of competition and loves to show off his skills whether it be playing football, basketball, or enjoying board games or card games. Be prepared, because when he loses he will definitely call for a rematch. Forrest is content playing outside, going out to eat, and shopping. His favorite store is 2nd & Charles and he could spend hours upon hours browsing all the books, movies, and music they have to offer. Forrest hopes to attend college one day. He aspires to become a professional Youtuber, video game designer, architect, or engineer. He is very creative and a talented artist. Forrest loves to construct things out of Legos. He also enjoys the art of origami and coloring. Forrest is very well rounded and has many varied interests. He hopes to one day have the opportunity to learn to snowboard and to travel to places such as England and Japan. Forrest always takes pride in his appearance and takes care of his personal belongings. He is hoping for an adoptive family that can show him new experiences, where he can feel secure, and does not have to worry about his needs being looked after. Forrest would like to continue stay connected with members of his biological family.
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