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Grayson from Virginia



from Virginia

Grayson has a bubbly personality and enjoys shopping, makeup, and fashion. Due to her passion for makeup Grayson is considering attending college where she would like to study both business and cosmetology. She has recently discovered an interest in art and has found it to be a way for her to relieve stress. Grayson enjoys walking outdoors and is interested in playing sports such as basketball and track. In the future, she would like to expand the types of sports she plays and also help children in some way. Though she does not like baking or cooking, Grayson loves to eat! She likes going on family outings and staying busy within the community. If given three wished Grayson would wish for family, friends, and wealth. If given the chance to go any place in the world, she would travel to Africa to see the exotic animals and beautiful landscapes. Her dream day would involve her being alone in a beautiful and peaceful place where she can think about her future. Grayson is excited about finding her forever family!
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