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Grayson from Virginia



from Virginia

Meet Grayson! He is excited about the idea of adoption and about searching for his forever family. Grayson will do well in a home with 2 parents or with a single dad. His ideal home would consist of a loving family where they will be patient with him and let him continue to have contact with his biological mother. Grayson dreams of finishing school, having a job, and continuing to make works of art. Grayson values painting, drawing, and making music. Some of his other favorite things include skateboarding, watching YouTube videos, and food. Grayson has engaged in guitar lessons in the past and enjoys singing and rapping. He hopes to find a family that can support him as he learns more about himself as a young adult. One thing he wants to do in his life is see a live Panic! At The Disco concert. Grayson enjoys being inside listening to music or going to his church youth group. Grayson is a self-described introvert who is always trying to push himself outside of his comfort zone. He takes time to warm up, but once he does, he values one on one time with people who care about him. At times, Grayson needs extra support and guidance when in social situations; over time, a family can model this and encourage him. He would also benefit from encouragement when doing school work. He is protective over the ones he loves and needs a family who will put in the work to break down his walls and do the same for him.
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