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Irma from Virginia



from Virginia

Irma is a natural artist and is very talented. She likes to draw, sketch, and make crafts. In the future she would like to become a cosmetologist and photographer. Irma likes going to school and makes friends easily. She participates in art-related extracurricular activities. She also enjoys the outdoors and sports, particularly soccer and swimming. At home she likes to watch Japanese anime/cartoons and read manga (Japanese comic books). Irma is very gentle with younger children and likes to take care of them due to her patient and nurturing personality. Irma is Salvadorean and would like to travel back to visit one day. Her favorite food is pupusas. Irma has a close relationship with her 10 siblings, 9 of which also live in the United States. Irma is a bright, outgoing, and resilient young lady who would love to join a family to help her along in her journey and share special memories with.