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Isis from Virginia



from Virginia

Isis is a beautiful child who is intelligent, adventurous, and funny and loves animals. Isis’ favorite thing to do outdoors is ride her bicycle. Isis also owns a scooter, but prefers to ride her bike most of the time. Isis is a ‘Brownie” in the Girl Scouts. Isis loves all the activities in which she participates in as member of the Girl Scouts. Isis went on to say those activities in Girl Scouts include swimming, slumber parties, and field trips. Isis loves to sing and is a member of the children’s choir at her church. In the near future, Isis would like to join a dance troupe. She reports she has new interests in dancing and in gymnastics. Isis reads three grades above grade level. She does not have a favorite book, but she is currently reading the Bible for recreation. Isis reports she reads a chapter in the bible every night prior to bed time. At this time, she is reading the book of Samuel. Isis reports she enjoys reading the bible because of the various stories. Isis loves to drawing and journaling. She indicated journaling provides her with a sense of calm. She states if she does not read before bedtime, then she will journal. Isis enjoys watching football. Isis reported her favorite football team is the Cowboys because she likes the color of the uniforms. Isis states she loves to bake cookies with her Easy Bake oven. Isis reports making breakfast is her specialty. She shared she enjoys making her breakfasts in the morning. Isis states she usually makes cereal, but when she wants to ‘do more’; she will make Eggo Waffles, pre-cooked bacon and toast for herself. Isis states she would like people to know she is smart, kind and pretty. Isis would want people to know she is energetic and would like to participate in gymnastics one day when COVID disappear. Isis stated if she had three wishes, they would be as follows, to get a dog, to have my own cell phone and to get a new American Adventures Doll. Isis stated the one place she wanted to visit on earth is the state of Florida because she wants to visit Disney Land. During breaks from school, Isis reported she attend summer camp. Isis stated she would prefer to go to summer camp every time because she enjoyed going on the field trips. Isis states she is good at reading. She stated she want to become better at doing hair. Isis reports she loves doing her dolls’ hair. She added, “When I’m bored, I even braid my shoelaces”. Isis plans to go to college. She stated she plan to go to cosmetology school because she likes doing hair and will someday have a shop to do hair and nails. Isis shared she wants to stay connected to her best friend Harmony. Isis states she wants an adoptive family to help her with homework, play dolls and ride bikes with her.
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