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Israelle from Virginia



from Virginia

Israelle prefers to be called Izzy, and is a kind and caring young lady who wants a family that will commit to her and "help her learn what she needs to know" to be a young adult. She has a million dollar smile. Izzy wants to know she belongs somewhere. She enjoys school and has several extra-curricular activities she is interested in potentially joining this year including chorus, art club, and drama club. She has been volunteering at the public library and felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. A talented girl, Izzy likes to sing, read, and make crafts. She will make art projects for others, too. At times she will spontaneously break into dance and she has a great sense of humor! Izzy likes to joke with others, especially the adults she works with. Her reading preferences range from inspirational to fantasy and adventure. She has a love of horror movies but is open to seeing comedy and adventure movies. With the right support and encouragement, Izzy has the potential to do well in a family as she truly longs to be adopted.