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Issabelle from Virginia



from Virginia

Issabelle is smart, very curious has a great imagination and is quite playful. She enjoys creating games and the rules constantly change to suit her and to her advantage. Sometimes, Issabelle laughs and says that when she grows up she will invent games. She enjoys eating out and her favorite food is hamburgers and fries from McDonalds. Issabelle is a sweet and engaging child who asks many questions. She enjoys receiving hugs and can be very affectionate. Issabelle also enjoys music and dancing. She loves animals. Issabelle is artistic and loves to draw pictures to give as gifts. She is quite the conversationalist and seems to enjoy talking, at times. Issabelle has a great sense of humor and laughs a lot. Her least favorite subject is math, although, with hard work, she is able to maintain "Bs" and "Cs". Issabelle says she desires the family to have at least on dog. She is very special and will touch your heart very quickly. Issabelle is a truly amazing child who needs to be with HER forever family.
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