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Jacob from Virginia



from Virginia

Jacob is a fun-loving and full of life fifteen year old boy with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He is in the ninth grade and enjoys playing baseball. Jacob has many hobbies and interests that take up his free time. Jacob has a guitar and, although he reports he can't play well, he enjoys playing the songs he knows and learning new ones. While Jacob enjoys being outdoors, he can be found on rainy days playing video games or watching music videos and instructional videos on how to play his guitar on YouTube. Jacob in a normal teenage boy who loves to get dirty. He loves to fish, hunt, and ride dirt bikes and four wheelers. Jacob enjoys helping out with yard work and saves the money he earns for items on his wish list. Jacob is easy to get along with and talk to and he makes friends easily. Jacob loves being comfortable and you can most often find him in a hoodie, sweats, and tennis shoes. Family is important to Jacob and he is close with his grandparents and he shows much respect toward his elders. Jacob is in need of a loving family who can show him lots of love and attention.
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