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Jacqueline from Virginia



from Virginia

Jacqueline, Jackie, is a bubbly and outgoing 17 year old female. She loves making other people smile, and is very considerate and polite. She is an overall joy to be around! She is a very enthusiastic and sociable young woman who always puts others first. Jackie enjoys shopping, watching movies, getting her nails and hair done, and hanging out with her friends. Jackie is very intelligent, and takes pride in maintaining her good grades in school. She is a very independent young woman who knows how to care for herself, but would do best with a family who is encouraging, attentive, and affectionate. Jackie would prefer to be the only female in a family, but would do well in a family with younger, male, siblings. She would benefit and flourish from a family who would push her out of her comfort zone, but also provide guidance to her future life decisions and encounters. Jackie would also want a family who understands adolescence, and would be willing to help her develop strategies and skills to cope with difficult situations. She would like a family who would enjoy spoiling her, and one who would shower her with love and devotion. Jackie would describe her forever family as people who are fun, active, and would treat her like one of their own, biological, children. Jackie would thrive in a family who respects her and treats her like the young adult that she is!
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