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Jalen from Virginia



from Virginia

A happy, playful and affectionate boy, Devon is described as sweet by everyone who knows him. He enjoys being held and loves being tickled. Devon and his brother enjoy playing together. Devon has specific toys that he enjoys playing with. He also likes playing outside, and this a good outlet for him to burn off energy. He loves going to school and eagerly waits for the bus each morning. Devon is an intelligent child and is doing well in school this year! The support he is receiving is helping him reach his full potential. Devon needs a family who can embrace his sweetness and meet his significant needs now and in the future. Jalen is an adorable boy with a spunky, outgoing personality. He likes to run around and play with his older brother. The love between he and his older brother is evident as they play, hug and hold hands. Even though Jalen is the younger of the two, he is protective of his older brother and is always looking out for him. He enjoys going outside and playing with cars and trucks. He also enjoys watching cartoons, especially Paw Patrol. Jalen is a smart, loving child. His approachable personality has assisted him in making many friends in his preschool program. Jalen enjoys school and looks forward to getting on the school bus each morning. He loves books and having them read to him.