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James from Virginia



from Virginia

James is a jovial and excitable teenager. James usually takes a while to open up but will become more comfortable with adults and peers with time and interaction. James states that he likes to shop, play games, play on his phone, listen to music, and ride his bike. James has said that he likes to sit in his room and relax sometimes but when it is warm out, he enjoys going outside. James enjoys fashion design and dying his hair. James does moderately well in school but sometimes needs to be motivated to work towards higher grades. James states that he would like a family has both mother and father. James does not mind dogs and cats in the home. James doesn't mind if there are other children in the home, but he would prefer them to be teens or adults. James states that he would prefer not to live with toddlers or infants. James states that he wouldn't mind moving out of state since he would like to travel. James is not particularly religious but James states that he did enjoy his church camp.
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