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Jatavion from Virginia



from Virginia

Jatavion is active, imaginative, and caring. He is fairly shy yet manages to make friends easily due to his sweet nature. Jatavion is a child who enjoys being around people and really wants to be a part of a family that will love him. He likes to read, go for walks, and swim in the pool. Outdoors he prefers to ride bikes and roller-skate. He has developed a love for spending time with horses. When Jatavion grows up he would like to play in the NFL. He is very interested in all the latest football gear that is out. He really enjoys playing football with friends and playing with his Pokemon cards. Jatavion needs caring parents to shepherd him into adulthood. He would like to be a part of a family that can support his emerging interests. Jatavion is a joy to be around and is very hopeful that one day he will be a part of a family where he is loved and cared for.