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Javon from Virginia



from Virginia

Javon is a bright and intelligent young man who has the potential to accomplish any task put in front of him. Javon values encouragement, support and guidance from those in his life and feels this is something that is essential in helping him build connections with individuals. Javon is family oriented. Javon described the most important people in his life as his brother, paternal uncle, paternal aunt, and his cousins. Javon prefers being able to maintain contact with those individuals. When he is older, Javon plans to attend college so that he can achieve his main aspiration in life, which is Javon becoming a lawyer. Part of his inspiration has come from watching his favorite show, Law and Order. Javon’s favorite activity, at this moment, is watching television. When he is not watching television, Javon thoroughly enjoys listening to music, shopping, and communicating with his friends and family. Javon has also shown an interest in cooking and preparing full course meals for himself and others. Javon wishes to be able to go on outings. He dreams of being able to world later in life. In the future, places that Javon would like to visit is Disney World and the beach.
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