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Jaxson from Virginia



from Virginia

Atlanta is very creative and artistic. In her spare time, she likes to do crafts and then will give them to others as gifts. Recently, she has learned to ride a bike, allowing her to spend more time outdoors, which she loves. She has learned to play the piano and is proud to show off her skills by participating in recitals. A brave adventurer, Atlanta likes traveling for family vacations and attending summer camps with her friends. Atlanta is a very sweet and loving individual to be around, and it is made clear by her caring for and helping others. Atlanta values learning new things and making friends wherever she goes. She likes to collect dolls and purses. As much as she enjoys doing traditional girly activities with her peers, she is not afraid to get a little dirty in the name of having fun! She has a sweet tooth and would prefer desserts or sweets for every meal. She is interested in cooking and always willing to try new cuisine. One day Atlanta hopes to have a pet dog of her very own. Atlanta states that she is of the Christian Faith, and she loves to pray and worship with others at church. A very bright and colorful individual, Atlanta lights up a room wherever she goes by telling jokes and making people laugh. Calle participates in gymnastics and has a blast performing new physical stunts she has learned. She is very creative and enjoys doing all sorts of craft activities. Because she can be a jokester and always has a beautiful smile on her face Calle makes friends easily. She can light up a room and make anyone laugh. Her overflowing affection is spent upon both people and animals. A very caring person, she likes to help people in need. Calle enjoys being outdoors and active especially riding bikes with Atlanta. Though naturally very sporty, she also likes to be pampered with pedicures and getting her hair done. She loves to indulge in sweets and snack foods. Calle likes to go on vacation and different trips with family and friends. She is super excited to now be old enough to attend summer camp with her friends. Jaxson isn’t afraid to keep his two older sisters in line. This absolutely adorable little guy is always pleased to hear people compliment him on how well dressed he is. Jaxson is always getting into something whenever you see him. He enjoys being outdoors and doing all kinds of activities as long as he can be outside. Jaxson loves to expend his energy jumping on the trampoline. Jaxson also helps "his" Calle with her gymnastic stunts. His favorite toys to play with are hot wheels, Legos, and actions figures. Jaxson loves to build different things like Legos creations and tracks to race his hot wheel cars. He most treasured action figures are Superman, Batman, and the Power Rangers. Jaxson loves to hang out with his friends and race remote control cars. He enjoys school and does very well in all of his subjects. Jaxson is a very sweet and kind loving child, showing his feelings often. One of his best gifts is to bring out the best in other people without even trying.