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Jeremiah from Virginia



from Virginia

Jeremiah is a young man who exemplifies an optimistic and joyful perspective on life. He is socially outgoing and truly enjoys meeting and getting to know people, showing an impeccable memory for details from conversations he has with others. One of Jeremiah's greatest strengths is his desire to help others, such as helping peers with school work, or assisting adults with various tasks such as cooking and cleaning, showing an enthusiasm to try new things and allowing adults to teach him. He takes pride in being able to show that he can be responsible. Jeremiah is blessed with a terrific sense of humor and deeply appreciates the simple things in life, such as going out to eat, watching a movie, or just taking a walk. Jeremiah is content with the usual routines of life, but also loves new adventures and special experiences, like going to the zoo, sporting events, or any kind of trip. Jeremiah enjoys participating and watching sports, especially basketball and football. He has great compassion for animals. In addition, Jeremiah's Christian faith and values system are important to him. It is a pleasure to spend time with Jeremiah as he remains so open to new experiences and learning opportunities, so grateful for all the small things in life that he has missed out on in the past, and most crucially, he understands the importance of human relationships in order to be truly happy.