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Jeremiah from Virginia



from Virginia

Emma and Jeremiah, who prefers to go by Micah, are the best of friends with a fierce love for one another. These siblings are silly, caring, and lively, there is never as a dull moment when they are around. They are looking for their forever family to create and share new memories together. Emma and Micah are always looking out for one another and are each other’s biggest supporters. They both are curious and easily excitable and love to go on fun adventures to the store, park or even running errands around town, as they are able to go with the flow and do well with a busy schedule. Emma and Micah both look forward to attending school and learning new things daily. They love coming home to show off new facts they have learned, artwork they created or their amazing report cards that they have worked so hard to earn. Their favorite part of the day is coming home to run around and play outdoors on their bikes, scooter, and jungle gym. Emma and Micah both look forward to family game night as well as look forward to attending church on Sundays and Wednesdays for Sunday school and choir. In their down time, they are often be found playing games on their tablets and watching television or movies.