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Johnny from Virginia



from Virginia

When he first meets others, Johnny is shy, but when he warms up, everyone should get ready to laugh. “He can be timid when you first meet him, but once he feels comfortable, he becomes a jokester and very friendly,” says his worker. Johnny loves to play outside and enjoys spending time riding his bicycle and scooter around the neighborhood. He takes pride in his school work and does very well in school. Johnny also enjoys doing activities as a family and loves to do crafts with his foster mother. Johnny is a well-behaved, well-mannered and a respectful young man, according to his foster parent. “Johnny can be very sweet,” his worker says. “He desperately wants to be a part of a forever family and has a lot of love to give.” Johnny would do well in either a two parent foster home or in a home with a single parent. Could you be Johnny's forever home?
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