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Jose from Virginia



from Virginia

Jose is a kind, smart, athletic 7-year-old boy. He is currently in 2nd grade and is academically meeting expectations. Jose enjoys spending time outside and excels at baseball. Jose currently plays for an elite, select, spring baseball team. Most afternoons and evenings, Jose will be in the yard tossing a baseball with anyone willing to play with him, be it one of his siblings or foster parent. Jose usually has a smile on his face and is very pleasant to talk with. He enjoys sharing stories about his school day. He is currently involved in the afterschool program and will keep moving and playing until he is sweaty and red-in-the-face. Sometimes he wears himself out and naps in the car ride home. Jose aspires to attend college on a baseball scholarship and play professionally after college. Jose is currently in an adoptive placement with his two older siblings, one sister and one brother. Maintaining family connections is very important as Jose also has extended biological family in the area who he sees regularly and for holidays and special occasions.
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