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Joshua from Virginia



from Virginia

Josh is an outgoing young man who loves to laugh and is looking for a forever family. Whenever possible, he loves to be outside exploring the wilderness nearby. If he’s in the house, you can usually find Josh engrossed in a book, as he is an ardent reader. He also likes to play video games and watch movies on occasion.

Josh has maintained a strong commitment to obtaining his high school diploma. After he finishes high school Josh wants to go to college, though he is not yet certain what career he would ultimately like to pursue. He is also strongly considering a military enlistment.

Josh doesn’t often watch sports, but loves to get out there and play touch football and basketball with his friends. Josh also enjoys cooking, listening to music, and interacting with animals.

Josh wants families to know that he’s a fun-loving guy who is easy to get along with. He values strongly the connections that he has made throughout his life and he is hoping to continue to add more in the future.