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Jotiauna from Virginia



from Virginia

Jotiauna has bright eyes that dance when she’s happy. Jotiauna likes to make jokes and has a dry sense of humor. Jotiauna wants to see others laugh and she will keep making jokes until she can recognize a smile. Jotiauna likes to sing and participates in her school choir. Because she is outgoing, intelligent, and creative Jotiauna makes friends easily but she prefers to keep just a few close friends. She does her own manicures and pedicures. Jotiauna works out weekly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of her goals. She likes to cook for others when she gets the opportunity. Jotiauna draws exceptionally well and often designs clothes then sews these unique pieces herself. Jotiauna isn’t really into competing in sports but is interested in attending a football or basketball game. Traveling is one of her favorite things to dream about, and she often mentions taking a cruise to the Virgin Islands. Jotiauna is eager to get her driver’s license and go to high school. Eventually Jotiauna wants to attend college and become a famous person, though she hasn’t quire determined what she wants to do at this time.
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