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Justin from Virginia



from Virginia

Justin is an intelligent, spirited young man who has a passion for basketball. He can reel off all sorts of statistics regarding the NBA and college basketball. He enjoys spending his extra time on the court sharpening his skills; it doesn't matter if he plays alone or with others, he simply loves the sport. In addition to basketball, he is equally knowledgeable about NFL players and statistics. He will hold a conversation for hours regarding former players, rookies and all those in between. Another of Justin's favorite pastime activities is listening to rap music. One of his favorite rappers is Eminem. He keeps a notebook containing his own original lyrics. Justin has an infectious smile and a witty, sharp personality. A true conversationalist, he can talk with others for hours. When he has an interest in something he does research on that topic or person until he has developed a thorough comprehension of it. He enjoys reading as a means to increase his knowledge base. Justin does well in school and has a high GPA. He learns new information quickly and seems to retain much of what is taught to him. Wouldn’t it be exciting to nurture Justin’s thirst for knowledge and see where his inquisitive mind will take him in life?
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