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Justin from Virginia



from Virginia

Justin is an amazing and resilient teenager. Justin does not allow his past define who he is or who he is trying to become. He is excited about his bright future. Justin has aspirations of working at the shipyard as a welder when he graduates high school. Currently, Justin participates in the welding program at his high school. Justin is an honor roll student who enjoys most of his classes except history. Justin loves his biological family and would benefit from being with an adoptive parent(s) that enjoys doing family activities. Justin is an empathetic and compassionate person who considers others feelings. When he is upset or frustrated, Justin finds it helpful to talk out his emotions. Justin also writes poetry and listens to music when he is feeling overwhelmed. Justin enjoys riding his bike which he does daily. Justin rides his bike back and forth to work. Justin has a part time job at a local pizza shop. He enjoys working and making his own money. In his spare time, Justin likes to play video games and football. Being outdoors is very therapeutic for Justin and for this reason he has become a Boy Scout. Justin has been working on maintaining a healthier lifestyle with exercise and adapting positive eating habits.
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