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Kaitlyn from Virginia



from Virginia

Kaitlyn who prefers to be called Kate is a vivacious teenage girl who loves to laugh and enjoys spending time with her friends. Singing is her hidden talent and she sings joyfully in front of others without any hesitation. Kate loves to dance and wants to take lessons one day.

Kate takes pride in her appearance; she enjoys having her hair and nails done and making sure her outfits are nice. She is a strong advocate for herself and likes to be a part in exploring her choices, knowing her rights and in making decisions. Like any teenager, Kate loves social media and connecting with others. She stays up on the latest music and enjoys it being played at maximum volume!

Kate has the potential to be a strong student, and she does well in school overall but desires stability to complete the remaining time she has in high school. Like most kids in care who move around often, her grades have suffered because of the inconsistency. She would do very well with a family who will advocate for her educationally, help her maintain existing connections in her life. Kate needs a family who will be open to having fun while providing unconditional love, support, guidance, consistency and modeling of healthy relationships, in a safe and permanent home.