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Kevin from Virginia



from Virginia

Words used to describe Kevin include “kind-hearted” and “protective over the people he loves”. He enjoys reading (specifically mystery books and Harry Potter). Kevin is extremely interested in all things science. He is a very bright and talented young man and is happiest when his mind is being challenged. He loves developing concepts for new inventions and then physically creating them. At this time, he indicates that he wishes to study Biochemistry when he grows up. He enjoys a number of outdoor activities including fishing, swimming, horseback riding, camps, etc. He also enjoys sports, particularly football and wrestling. He enjoys helping in the kitchen and learning how to cook. Kevin is such a sweet and loving young man who really learns to do everything he can, and wants to belong to a loving and warm family, who can help him continue on his amazing journey. Many amazing things await this talented young man who would love to be part of your forever family.
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