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Leanna from Virginia



from Virginia

Leanna is a fun and charismatic youth. She loves to color, make crafts, paint and play games. She also likes to swim and shop. She likes to go outside sometimes but mostly prefers being indoors being creative. She naturally loves her art classes and demonstrates a tremendous amount of talent. Leanna loves animals specifically dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, hamsters, and horses! She will do well with a family who shares her love for animals and who can provide opportunity for her to interact with animals. She loves to try new foods and her favorites are Chinese food, pizza, chicken, Hamburger Helper, pork chops, salad, soup, and ice cream. Leanna is described by those who know her as helpful, kind, funny, loving, caring, supportive, nice, neat, and clean. Leanna has a reserved personality but is warm and friendly once she gets to know someone. She enjoys listening to R&B music and dancing around. Leanna desires a forever family to encourage her and shower her with love and support along her amazing journey.
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