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Lily from Virginia



from Virginia

Lily enjoys being outdoors and basking in the sun. She enjoys reading books about history...stating, "Light captivates, transcends and provides a realm of warring ideas, beliefs and tells stories about people and their past.” Lily is also an avid crafter who likes to draw and journal about her life experiences. Lily also enjoys listening to music as it allows her time to decompress and associate sounds with sights, colors and even taste. In school, her favorite subjects are Economics, Psychology, Calculus, and Literature as she aspires to attend college and earn a degree in Technology. What Lily would like people to know about her is that she is a hard worker, resolute and excited about adoption. Her goal is to become a valued member of the community and the opportunity to give back to those that have poured into her life thus far. She desires strongly to again be part of a family unit.
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